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MT6100-F  Big hydropinc planter

MT6100-F Big hydropinc planter

Where to use

Home, Office, Kitechen, School, Hotel, Restaurant

A good choice for gifts for all occassions

Special Features

To grow big plants and climbing plants indoor

new unique one in the market

Product Details

Smart 7L big integrated Hydroponic planter with HIGH POWER LED grow light, built-in pump and smart reminder- can be put anywhere for good growth, a good smart integrated hydroponic kits for bigger plants or flowers like eggplants, Cucumbers, hot peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, herbs...

->BIG PLANTER 7L to support better growth and no need to take care for long time

->Smart control remind you when lack of water

->with built-in pump to support better growth

->two layers basin construction for big circulation to support good growth

->food grade ABS and thick material, it is safe and durable

->use new Hydroponics technology which is clean, convenient, safe, easy, do not need too much 

care, Anyone can be a gardener, suitable for most  (90%) of the plants      

->Grow light is HIGH POWER 27W dimmable to support better growth  

*Led grow light has two modes of timer for auto on/off  

->Aliuminum case insure long lifetime

->With special lens insure double lumination

->Very good unit could really grow super indoor

->3 big grow box & 5 or 8 small grow box for selection 

->can start from seeds, no need propagating

where to use: home, office, kitchen, school, restaurant

 ->what to grow: eggplants, hot peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, herbs, flowers...

->> Max Height could be 80CM, could grow big plants like cucumbers and tomatoes

Packaging size: 52*22*28cm 5kgs 1set/ctn