Shenzhen Dragon-Lily Ecotronic Co. Ltd.

we are smart novelty products developer and manufacturer, mainly doing smart homegrow & smart air tester, and other smart & novelties, we have strong R&D ability, we develop 10~20 new products each year to support our customer to have goods sales with our new good products, we are always close to the newest trend and newest technology.

50% of our newly developed products are OEM project, we help our customer to realize their idea.

we made most of the electronic parts by ourselves, that's enable us to have good control very cost and quality.

we are professional in R&D, production and marketing, we have a strong R&D team and production team, the person in charge had been in electronic field as leaders for more than 5 years, so we can insure new good products, but no technical problems & on time delivery. our structure is simple, means high working efficiency, so we can act quickly and work flexibly.

we have good business relationship both with our main suppliers and main customers, a kind of real partnership.

we take the customer's needs as the utmost importance, our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers, we are developing together with our customer all these years, even in hard period.

we also take our suppliers as our important treasure & cooperating with them closely, this enable us have good cost, good quality, and good delivery with our raw materials, it's a ideal structure for us, supply chain-we-customer.

we also take our staff as the shareholder of the company, they can get a certain share of our profit per year, so they are part of our company, and work and develop together with us.

based on the above, all enable us have the best cost and quality control, add to our simple direct procedure, we are developing stable and on the way up year by year.

we would like to thank our many loyal customers & suppliers for their support over the years, we welcome new customers & look forward to mutually beneficial long-term relationships.