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Plug in Auto Watering Kit

Plug in Auto Watering Kit

Where to use

Home, Office, Garden

Special Features

Super power Adjustable water timer home garden irrigation system  

Long working timer 5 watering mode 

1. High-quality pump,  innovative ultra-quiet German technology.Can make water pressure up to 1.5M height,water supply about 800ml per minute,reject the siphon effect,solve the water pressure problem 

2. easy set up:  designed for easy handheld setup,this kit provides all the accessories you need - within 5 minutes,you can install a drip irrigation system for your home's 12 potted or hanging plants.With a button-type programmable timer

3. The watering pipe adopts food grade silicone tube, safe and durable, non-toxic  

4. Multi-mode watering, easy to use, set watering mode it could automatically watering plants 

5. Each of water outlet facut can be adjusted for individual pod of plants 

6. IP65 waterproof rating, can be used indoors and outdoors, put it in window area is fine for indoor

Material: ABS+silicon pipe+plastic connectors

Product Details


6pcs or 12pcs holder

6pcs or 12pcs water dripper

500cm or 600cm silicon pipe

3 & 4 Tone connectors

pump with 300cm cable