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New Products release hydrogarden

Published time:2021-07-07 15:07:38

LED grow light
10W with aluminium case
>Grow light has three modes, Two of timer for auto on/off 
->Aliuminum case insure long lifetime 
->With special lens insure double lumination
Two Layers Water Tank
Two layers water tank to form a large water circulation to generate more oxygen to support plants growth
Good quality pump to support good growth
2 Litre
Smart control
remind you when lack of water
Grow Pods
2 big grow Pods, 3 middle grow pods and 6 small grow pods for options
food grade ABS and thick material, it is safe and durable
Where to use 
home, office, kitchen, school, restaurant
Suitable for
 kids, adults and the old, school education and good gift item
what to grow
herbs, tomatoes, small hot peppers, flowers, vegetable